Two shootings in an evening in Montreal

Two separate incidents involving guns occurred in the (Montreal) metropolis a few hours apart, injuring one. Several suspects have been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Massa Ferra

Massa Ferra

The shooting took place in the Saint-Michel sector around 11pm on Saturday night by the Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM). At the meeting of R. Emil-Journald and 2e Avenue, police found one person injured in the shooting.

The 18-year-old victim was lying on the ground and his life was not in danger.

Witnesses saw at least three suspicious vehicles leaving the crime scene. One of them was intercepted at 9 by SPVM agentse Avenue. The gun inside the vehicle was confiscated.

The other two cars were located using information provided by the public. In all, six suspects, aged 19 to 41, were arrested at the Boulevard Saint-Michael and Rue Jean-Dalon meeting.

Investigators, dog handlers and forensic identification technicians were working on all three rounds set up to understand the circumstances of the incident on Sunday morning.

Other scenes sounded in the Lachin field at 3:30 a.m. this time. No victim or suspect has been charged. The bullets were found in a building on the corner of Camille and Oylet streets. SPVM saw several envelopes on the floor.

These are 13e And 14e The shooting will take place in the SPVM area only in August. In addition, Sylvain Coron, mayor and SPVM director of Montreal Valerie Plante, will address the media this morning in connection with the announcement of the strength of the Montreal Police Force.

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