Climate change: O’Toole warns candidates

Conservative leader Erin O’Dowley has warned his candidates not to support his climate plan: those who are not on the same side will be sidelined.

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“If there are candidates who do not support this plan or any part of Canada’s recovery plan – they will not be part of the future Conservative government,” Mr O’Toole said in a statement issued early Sunday.

The strong position comes as Conservative MP’s conspiracy reports on the weather reappeared a few months ago, the day before.

As wildfires spread across the country in late June, Cheryl Calland said in a video that the Liberals wanted to impose “locks” on climate change.

Within half an hour of the evening’s largest Erin O Tool, Ontario’s elected representative Renfru-Nibising-Pembroke posted a statement on his Twitter account on the Quebec border.

“I am proud to fully support Canada’s recovery plan,” he said in English.

While presenting his ideas for the environment in Ontario, Justin Trudeau on Sunday questioned the member’s comments.

“I think it’s up to Erin O’Toole not only to distance yourself from Serin Calant and her words, but also to condemn them and correct them,” he said.

When asked by Mr O’Toole on Sunday morning, he declined to comment on Ms Callant’s.

Six months ago, I said that the Conservatives should be the party of all Canada. We must be a Conservative party to be brave. A Conservative party that has the courage to change. ” O Tool said in his evening press release.

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“Canadians should expect their next government plan to address the real and serious threat of climate change. I totally agree,” he said.

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