Unions “disappointed and insulted” by new public sector pay offer

Unions “disappointed and insulted” by new public sector pay offer

Sonia LeBelle, the chairwoman of the Treasury Board, presented an offer this Sunday that was notably a 10.3% pay raise over five years for state employees and a total of $1,000. Unions reacted by saying they were “disappointed and humiliated” by the government filing.

Compared to its previous offer, Quebec is increasing salary increases by 9 to 10.3% over five years. A total of $1,000 is still proposed for all employees starting in the first year of collective agreements. “In response to labor institutional challenges”, the share reserved for differential benefits increases from 2.5% to 3% for certain categories of workers, underlined M.me Lebel.

“Yes, we need to pay civil servants better, but every dollar from taxpayers’ pockets is maximized and has a long-term impact on our networks, not a temporary effect. It is for this reason that we must solve the problems related to the work system,” said the minister responsible for government administration. Her new plan recommends adding special support to middle school classes in addition to elementary school classes, said Penn.

Sonia Lebel also announced that temporary bonuses will be renewed until collective agreements are renewed, except for those related to health emergencies. They were supposed to end on March 31 and were extended to September 30 and then to October 15.

leading the strike

The unions were united under the common front of the Federation of Quebec Workers (FTQ), the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ), the Alliance of Professional and Technical Workers in Health and Social Services (APTS) and the Confederation of Trade Unions (CSN). ) reacted to the offer by confirming that the 420,000 members they represent are still heading towards the first day of strike action on 6 November.

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Quebec’s Interprofessional Health Federation (FIQ), which represents 80,000 nurses and other health professionals, is walking off the job Nov. 8 and 9.

“We are insulted, we are angry because the word “disappointment” is not strong enough. We moved for nothing. We did not consider the groups we represent,” lamented Robert Comeau, president of APTS. He hopes Sunday’s offer will strengthen the mobilization of its members.

François Enault, vice-president of the CSN, lamented that the 10.3% salary increase over five years was a mockery of workers. “For the majority of our members, what we are telling them today is to continue to be poor. »

The common front calls for an increase of around 20% over three years depending on inflation forecasts.

Magali Picard, head of the FTQ, also expressed her disappointment at not seeing “significant progress” from François Legault’s government.

The latter “needs to move things forward with this deposit, but it’s a missed opportunity,” roused Melanie Hubert, president of the Federation of Autonomous Education. The union group, which represents 65,000 teachers, is not part of the Common Front, but it also has a strike mandate. Currently we don’t know the selected date.

Sonia Lebel says it’s “amazing.”

In the interview Duty, Sonia Lebel says she was surprised by the speed of the unions’ reaction to her proposal. “The ink is not yet dry on the deposit when it is already wiped by the back of the hand with very strong and harsh words. »

The minister calls on trade union organizations to “go study properly” and then get back to her. “A deposit is very complex and nuanced. »

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“If my solutions are not what they want, we should at least discuss them and we can reach an agreement,” he continues. He says the goal is still to reach an agreement with the unions by the end of the year.

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