US Internet users decry the weird taste of Costco’s fried chicken

US Internet users decry the weird taste of Costco’s fried chicken

Costco Roast Chicken, which was recently criticized by a nutritionist, the plastic tray it is placed in, has there been a change in taste?

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According to a post on Reddit, many fans of this delicacy report that the chicken actually does not taste like it used to, as we can read in several comments.

According to US reddits reported by the New York Post, some say it tastes like chemicals.

“We tasted it and it had a distinct, really off-putting, chemical taste,” Reddit user u/MillennialModernMan wrote.

“The last time this happened was three weeks ago. Never had a problem before, been buying for years, has anything changed recently?

“What’s up with rotisserie chicken lately?” The thread is flooded with hundreds of comments from many people about smell and taste.

“Recently bought fried chicken and tasted it…chemical and soap? So weird,” another user wrote.

Others have described the sweet taste as reminiscent of chlorine.

Costco’s rotisserie chicken has long been a bargain for club members because it’s so cheap.

The company’s chief financial officer, Richard Kellandi, recently announced that the price of rotisserie chicken will not increase despite inflation at $4.99 in the US.

Some food journalists have speculated that the type of chicken and how it was cooled after slaughter may be responsible for the strange taste.

Another redditor who claims to have worked at a Costco warehouse gave more details about what he knew.

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“I don’t know about other warehouses, but we get chicken from two suppliers. Me and my colleagues, we really don’t like the chicken from one of them, calling it bad chicken. I heard it doesn’t cook as well as other vendors, and the taste is not good,” he wrote.

Costco did not immediately return a request for comment to the New York Post.

Rotisserie chicken sold for $7.99 in Quebec doesn’t seem to have had any taste problems recently.

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