Markand reacts to criticism of nickel

Mayor Bruno Markand, who has been criticized in the Nickel file, said he would take the time to base himself on “science and facts” and plans to recreate the system in other files, such as the Tramway.

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“We’re good at the table, I think it’s a great way to do that. We will do it for the tramway and other stuff,” the mayor of Quebec commented, questioning the file during a visit to an ice castle in Beaufort on Sunday.

Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign. Merchant was charged.

A full panel meeting will be held on February 7 so that elected officials can take an “enlightened” position in the face of an increase in the nickel standard.

Actors from many backgrounds, including health, will visit selected officials to explain the facts.

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Jackie Smith, the district councilor who faced the air quality problem in Limoyillo for nearly 10 years, pointed out in an interview that he believes in “deliberate blindness”. Magazine Saturday.

However, before taking a stand, Mr. Merchant hopes the file will be further investigated.

“There are already believers in this situation and those familiar with the case. This does not apply to everyone,” he says.

When Québec Forte et Fière arrived at City Hall, elected officials shared with him his desire to devote full time to “getting around science and facts” in various files.

Mayor believes that to enrich the discussion, we should start with “conversation sharing and information access”.

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“We are all concerned about air quality in Limoilou. Now that we have some time ahead of us, why not do things in the right format,” Mr. Marchant insisted.

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