Vaccination of health workers | Dubey asks for professional orders to tighten the screw

Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dube on Friday recommended that professional orders of health workers, including nurses, licensed practice nurses and respiratory therapists, revoke the training licenses of their members who have not been adequately vaccinated. However, many of these orders require further clarification before proceeding.

Ariane Crawl

Ariane Crawl

“I think they need to take a very clear stand, people need to be vaccinated to train in good health,” the minister announced, a statement from Sacro-Coir Hospital -Montreal on Friday morning.

Mr Dope urged Colleges des Medicines du Quebec to follow the orders of nurses, nursing assistants and respiratory therapists. The latter has already announced that all members who have not been adequately vaccinated, regardless of where they work, will have the right to receive medical training on October 15 until their condition is “regularized”.

The Minister of Health therefore demands these professional orders more than his own mandate on compulsory vaccination of health workers.

This mandate allows an order to “limit” members who have not been adequately vaccinated to exercise the right to exercise in a limited number of contexts (except when establishing a public network or operated by a contracted company). Network, private residence for seniors, intermediate or family type resource, medical imaging lab, private training).

A general suspension applicable to any environment, as provided by the Medical College, would prevent professionals from being excluded from the public network from training elsewhere in Quebec.

“In the case of nurses, some of them are trying to train with the offer of telemedicine after October 15,” said Marjorie Cotto, spokeswoman for Arte des Informers et Quebec (OIIQ).

The OIIQ has not yet decided whether to accept the minister’s request on Friday, saying it is waiting for “clear responses from the ministry”.

Clarity is needed

OIIQ and other orders also attended a meeting with ministers on the matter on Friday. Many have told us that more clarity is needed to take a stand. This is specifically the Order of the Nursing Assistants of Quebec, the Order of the Pharmacists of Quebec and the Order of the Respiratory Therapists of Quebec (OPIQ).

“We do not agree with the suspension,” said OPIQ General Manager Josie Brutholm in an interview. Press. “We are still at risk of our members suing us if we ever take away a right that we have no basis for,” he explained.

About 10% of its 4,400 members work outside the public network, especially in cosmetic surgery and dentistry. Nearly 97% of those who work in the public network have already been adequately vaccinated.

Arte des pharmacians du Quebec, however, did not target the minister’s appeal, but considered the possible limitation or suspension of its members’ right to practice.

“We are waiting for the ministry’s clarification on the teleworking issue,” said Julie Villeneuve, spokeswoman for the Order.

Even the College of Physicians regarding telecommunications is still waiting for clarity.

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Minister Dube also noted the effectiveness of the move.

Every day, 300 to 400 people are on the health network receiving their first dose.

Christian Dube

Professional orders have been obtained from lists of members who are deemed not to have been adequately vaccinated, and everyone should be contacted to verify that this information is correct.

Less than a dozen union members from the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center north of Montreal Island, part of Sacramento-Coyote, protested in front of the hospital when the minister arrived. Dubai, Friday. Members of the trade union affiliated with Quebec’s Interprofessional Health Federation and CSN were particularly concerned about the impact of the mandatory vaccination on their working conditions.

Photo by Patrick Sanfon, Press

Members of the trade union affiliated with Quebec’s Interprofessional Health Federation and CSN protested in front of the hospital when Minister Dube arrived on Friday.

Quebec is due to announce a contingency plan next week after October 15 to deal with the lack of adequate vaccination-free health network staff who will be suspended without pay.

“Until the 15th, I will tell people, ‘Keep vaccinating.’ This is the best solution to come up with a contingency plan that has the least impact,” Minister Dube said on Friday.

In collaboration with Fanny Lévesque, Press

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