Vaccine Passport: Traders who resigned

Restaurants, bars and gyms are ready to welcome. Some need to rethink the way they work, while others don’t know which foot to dance to manage it.

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A little more unknown

In downtown and Old Montreal, staff from several restaurants attended Newspaper It is not yet clear how they are going to manage the new operations.

For now, we have not yet received any instructions from our employer. We do not know what we are going to do to scan customer codes and what it would be like if they did not have a passport, ”explained a Saint-Paul-Austin employee who did not want to be named. On Peel Street, restaurants are estimated to have not been given enough information and space by the government, an employee explains.

Not ready

Benoit Fordier, Le Boudoir Resto-Barin Barman

Photo by QMI Company, Mario Bourgard

Benoit Fordier, Le Boudoir Resto-Barin Barman

On Mont-Royal Avenue, restaurants are ready to welcome customers with vaccinated passports as of today.

“We have appointed a security guard who can check customers’ QR codes and manage them if we have any problems. This will allow employees to avoid managing this when they already have a lot of work to do,” explains Manu Ruiz, manager of Madhu Ru Bar Large Valley.

Let’s take a look at the first few weeks at Lou Boutouir Cafe-Bar, a little further on and see how everything turns out.

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Initially, we would think of hiring someone to do the tests on Fridays and Saturdays. But anyway, we don’t really want to be ready if we want to be open, “said Benoit Fordier. [photo], The liquor store of the establishment.

At Tommy Cafe, staff should take care of scanning customer codes.

“It will add jobs to those who work on the ground, but it’s not possible to hire one of us,” said Pablo Juarez, the company’s director.

Security agencies are sinking

Security service companies are highly requested by businesses looking for agents to verify the vaccine passport. In Sécurité Sirois, the phone did not ring yesterday.

“We had some requests this week, there, a lot of things are going on,” says Martin Sirois, the company’s owner, 24 hours before the vaccine passport went into effect.

Haute Protection La Capitale is also high.

“We were only fifty or sixty for Montreal and Quebec alone,” says Maxim Parent, supervisor of the company’s operations center.

Carda said it has received requests from regular and new customers.

The patience of cinema

Robin Flemonton is the co-owner of Le Globe Theaters in Quebec City.

Photo by Diane Tremble

Robin Flemonton is the co-owner of Le Globe Theaters in Quebec City.

Cinema customers have to be very patient before getting their ticket.

“Despite our best efforts, it takes about 20 to 30 extra seconds for each customer to enter the room. At peak times, 500 to 600 people should come in an hour. […] That means five additional staff have been hired to scan the vaccine passport, ”said Robin Flemont, co-owner of Le Clap Theaters in Quebec.

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“We do not yet know the impact on passport customers. Similar systems have been implemented almost everywhere in the world. There is a void created in the first few weeks. We have that concern, that’s for sure.”

Fear in spite of everything

Photo by QMI Company, Mario Bourgard

Dumbbells & Temple, Rosemond, Serge Poyer [photo] It has implemented a system that prevents its customers from showing their passport every time they come for training.

“We will scan their passport once and then put in their file that they have been ‘vaccinated enough’, as such, we do not always need to verify,” he explains.

To keep things running smoothly, the owner of this training room hired an employee every day for at least a week.

Although he was fully prepared and adapted to the new measures, Mr.

“We have a lot of customers who have even decided to suspend or cancel the subscription because they don’t want to come as long as they have the passport. Although I respect their wishes, it definitely makes me lose a lot of money,” he says.

According to his initial calculations, he expects to lose about $ 15,000 if the vaccine passport is in place by Christmas.

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