Villerie: A cyclist died after being hit by a truck and dragged several meters

The 66-year-old cyclist was hit by a dump truck Tuesday night and then injured after being dragged a few dozen meters around Villare in Montreal.

The clash took place at 2:35 pm in the corner of Boulevard Saint-Laurent and rue De Liège.

Police said the truck and cyclist were heading south on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. When the truck driver turned right onto the rue De Liège, there was a collision at the intersection.

Maxim Talent / Agencies QMI

Following the attack, the cyclist was trapped under the truck and dragged more than 20 meters. The heavy vehicle finally stopped a short distance away on the rue De Liège.

Firefighters had to use lifting bags to lift the front of the truck, thus freeing the trapped victim.

The person was taken to hospital in a critical condition. That evening he was pronounced dead.

Photography Agency QMI, Maxim Talent

The 55-year-old man, who was driving a dump truck, had to be treated for a concussion.

Investigators from the Service de police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM) were dispatched to the scene to determine the exact circumstances of the conflict.

Maxim Talent / Agencies QMI

Among other things, they have to interrogate witnesses and watch videos from surveillance cameras.

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