April 16, 2024

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Govit-19: The number of hospital admissions in Ontario is approaching 4,000

The situation in Ontario remains critical as the number of hospital admissions approaches 4,000.

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In fact, 3,957 Ontarians were hospitalized with COVID-19 (143) and 558 in intensive care (+31). In addition, 42 more people were infected in 24 hours.

In the most populous province in the country, 10,732 new infections have been reported through PCR tests.

For the first time since May 2020, Quebec has recorded more than 90 deaths in 24 hours.

The province’s sad record on Saturday recorded 96 deaths related to COVID-19. The number of hospital admissions continues to rise as 110 more beds are occupied than ever before. However, there is no increase in intensive care as 275 people are still there.

In the province of La Belle, there are 6,705 new positive cases among people who have access to screening centers.

On the Atlantic side, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have 627 cases and 409 additional cases, respectively, and one death, when Prince Edward Island added 309 pollutants to its balance sheet.

Saskatchewan, for its part, reported 1,114 new cases on Saturday.

Nunavut has also updated its numbers by reporting five more infections in the area.

Ontario: 937,636 cases (10,565 deaths)

Quebec: 789,807 cases (12,289 deaths)

Alberta: 436,495 cases (3,380 deaths)

British Columbia: 293,521 cases (2,468 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 98,699 cases (961 deaths)

Manitoba: 107,838 cases (1,443 deaths)

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Nova Scotia: 30,254 cases (117 deaths)

New Brunswick: 22,388 cases (183 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 12,092 cases (24 deaths)

Northwest Territories: 3,741 cases (12 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 4,170 cases (2 deaths)

Yukon: 2,638 cases (15 deaths)

Nunavut: 1,060 cases (4 deaths)

Deported Canadians: 13 cases

Total: 2,736,982 cases (31,463 deaths)