War in Ukraine | Ottawa will beat Moscow again

(Ottawa) Justin Trudeau is about to announce new sanctions against Russia.

Released at 12:08 p.m.
Updated at 12:38 p.m.

Melanie Marquis

Melanie Marquis

The Prime Minister will hold a press conference in Ottawa on Thursday at 1 pm with Deputy Prime Minister Christiaan Freeland, Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie and National Defense Minister Anita Anand.

In the morning, he attended a meeting of G7 leaders chaired by German Chancellor Olaf Scholes. Countries in the Group of Seven countries have already begun to repress. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for example, issued new restrictions and banned Aeroflot.

New wave barriers will be added to the government’s call The “first series” of revenge, last Tuesday. In addition to punishing elected members of the Russian parliament, the Duma, oligarchy and banking institutions, Canada has announced that it will increase its contribution to NATO.

The list of individuals and organizations targeted by these restrictions has not yet been released.

Melanie Jolie summons the ambassador

Earlier, Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie met with Russian Ambassador to Canada Oleg Stefano at Canada’s headquarters in Lester P. Pearson met in the building. According to the English language media, he verbally condemned Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

The Canadian diplomat announced that staff at the Canadian embassy in Ukraine, already west of Kiev, had been relocated to Liv. They were deported to Poland “because of the security situation in Ukraine.”

He held talks with international partners this morning, especially with Ukrainian Representative Dimitrov Kuleba, who promised that the Canadian government would “ensure tough sanctions.” [seraient] Imposed “.

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For days, Minister Jolie has been urging Canadians to leave Ukraine.

“Hateful” and “unacceptable”

All opposition parties in Ottawa have strongly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Putin’s despicable occupation and invasion of Ukraine are unacceptable. His attack on the Ukrainian people and their democratically elected government is reprehensible, ”said Candice Bergen, interim leader of the Conservative Party.

“Dictators like Putin must be severely punished. Conservatives are ready to defend the rule of law-based international order against serious violations of international law, ”he added.

New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh also strongly condemned “President Putin’s blatant aggression” and urged the Trudeau government to do everything possible to cut off the regime’s funding, including working with its allies until Russia withdraws from the SWIFT banking network.

He also called on Canada to open its doors to Ukrainians expelled from Moscow by a military offensive.

“In the days to come, the Ukrainian people will need our support more than ever. Canada must have a humanitarian assistance program. Canada must continue to work with its allies, including the United Nations, to respond appropriately to this dilemma,” he said.

United Nations at work

In a statement, the UN refugee agency pledged that “the authorities will work with the UN and other allies in Ukraine and be ready to provide humanitarian assistance where necessary and where possible.”

The UN says it “works closely with the governments of neighboring countries, calls on them to open borders to those seeking security and safety,” and says it is “ready to support all efforts to respond to any compelling displacement situation.” .

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