“We have to stop west in the Montreal region”

“We have to stop west in the Montreal region”

According to Roger Ferland, a former analyst at SPVQ, major clean-ups are needed in crime-prone environments in Montreal.

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“Over the last 5 to 10 years, at SPVM, that means we have been a little less likely to clean up on a daily basis with corporate choices,” he explains.

“SPVM will be added to the service again, but it will also take domain agents. In recent months and years, I think we’ve given up working with people on a daily basis and collaborating. It’s not something that makes money, but it’s worth it in the long run.”

In recent weeks, there have been several shootings on the streets of Montreal. In the aftermath of these tragic events, the Quebec government decided to form a permanent co-ordinating body, the Sereto du Quebec, in collaboration with the Montreal Police to fight and prevent crime.

According to Roger Ferland, this is a good thing.

The cooperation of the people

Mr. Berland explains that the population is also aware of some petty crimes that are increasing. To reduce crime, the police need the cooperation of the people, he said.

“The people of Montreal will be on their backs because this is not a problem to be solved on their own. Citizens have to make protests, I don’t think it’s easy,” he notes.

According to the former investigator, it is important to deal with minor offenses before the snowball.

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Causes of gang wars

Gang wars are associated with neighborhood control and drug trafficking, he said.

“Initially, we associated them with child prostitution, but there they go beyond that,” Mr Ferland explains.

“Because it often comes from a backward background, people will seek prominence in their lives wherever they can, and they have started doing the dirty work of bikers and other organized criminals, but they do it realizing that they can be free. But it requires organization and they do not have many, they have There is not much evidence, which is why they are often called irregular offenders because they use the time, space and land available to them.

Mr. Ferland explains that some people are tired of tearing it up in the neighborhood pages, which pushes them to crime.

“Some people are tired of not having the resources, the jobs, the good housing. It will take the advice of the media. We need to fix this. We need to stop the Wild West in the Montreal region. It doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Weapons crossing borders

Weapons possessed by criminals mainly cross borders. Some even get it from the internet.

In addition, there are several regions in Quebec where police are not called to go, and where guns go, Mr.

“Americans have no right to be armed on the streets at all times. We are not here, but the neighboring country can give it to us. Border officials, when they do a great job, they can not do everything.

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