Weather in Quebec: The week starts with rain in these parts

Weather in Quebec: The week starts with rain in these parts

Sun and cloud will alternate across the province to start the week, resulting in some areas getting rain in the afternoon and avoiding others.

Starting in the afternoon, the greater Montreal metropolitan area and its environs should see skies darken to give way to rain, Environment Canada indicated on Monday, with southerly winds of up to 20 km/h.

However, the rain will be accompanied by a comfortable temperature, a maximum of 19 degrees, as we can read.

Nearby, in Lanaudière, the federal agency is forecasting patches of fog, which dissipated early in the morning and gave way to intermittent rain by midday.

The Estrie sector is not to be avoided as there is a 40% chance of rain from the afternoon, usually after the sun.

It’s the same story toward Drummondville, where Environment Canada says there’s a 60% chance of rain with slightly cooler temperatures hovering around 15 degrees on the thermometer.

For its part, the capital-national will see only a few showers in the evening, while the day will be generally sunny with only cloudy afternoons. Mercury is around 20 degrees Celsius.

For its part, eastern Quebec should avoid rain on Monday, while rain and storms may appear overnight, but will darken the landscape on Tuesday.

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