October 5, 2023

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What gamers prefer: the best video games of 2022

Making a list of the games that will be released in 2022 is not easy: they are in fact numerous of titles, among which stand out particularly important names and, above all, long awaited by fans. We will therefore try to focus in particular on those that are, in our opinion, the best video games coming out this year, some of which belong to sagas dating back to the 90s, when they still used the Game Boy Color, Super NES, Nintendo 64 and Sega, which announced important new features that we talked about in this article. Quoting them today seems almost ancient, at a time when the latest version of the PlayStation or Xbox stand out. But let’s not ramble and start right away with the list of the best video games coming out, or already published, in 2022.

And speaking of nostalgia for the 90s, it is necessary to talk about a real classic for Nintendo. The new chapter of The Legend of Zelda is coming to Switch by the end of the year; we don’t know the exact date yet, but we know that many things will be improved, with lots of skills to explore and an open-world that has made this video game one of the most beloved of the last decade.

Another video game coming out later this year is God of War: Ragnarok for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Expectations are really high, if we think that the first chapter of the series was considered the best video game of 2018. From the rumors that circulate, there will certainly be significant improvements in graphics and, above all, fighting; which will culminate with the final clash with Odin that, always according to rumors, could even determine the fate of the world.

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Released in early March, debuting for the first time on PlayStation 5, a highly anticipated classic is Gran Turismo 7, with a selection of circuits and cars increased exponentially. Special mention should also be made of the development of artificial intelligence, which makes it far from easy to excel, even for those who have been accustomed for years to great performance.

Another popular game of this 2022 and already released is Elden Ring, which even involved George R. R. Martin (the author of Game of Thrones). It is also in this case an open-world that leaves a lot of freedom in the construction of the character and a plot full of fights and special content. It was also released for PC, but fans appreciate it much more on PlayStation and Xbox.

And about the computer, also the video games market for PC and smartphone continues to be successful in this 2022, especially those already installed in devices or which can be accessed directly online. An example are the evergreens such as the Solitaire card game, but also Chess, Sudoku and casino games that can be accessed thanks to web platforms. On these sites you can have fun with Slots, taking advantage of free spins, and other pastimes, directly by registering to the portal. The most important thing is to always choose to access only safe and legal online casinos, which are recognizable thanks to the ADM license.

As for smartphone games, available from apps, continue to keep their popularity intact sagas such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds, but also 8 Ball Billiards, Brain Test and Pokémon. There are also games that, although initially designed for computers, can be used through various consoles: among the best online video games we mention Back 4 Blood and Monster Hunter World, but also Borderland 3, Warframe and Destiny 2.

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To conclude this long list of the best video games of 2022 we reserve a special mention to the most popular game of recent years, especially among the new generations: we are talking about Fortnite, available on virtually all platforms, from Nintendo Switch to PlayStation 4, via Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PC. Its success knows no end: since it was released, in 2017, it has become the most popular free-to-play battle royale game in the world. It is undoubtedly very difficult to find a single gamer who has not played at least once in Fortnite.