Devimco unveils its first tower in Longwell

The city of Langue is advancing with a real estate project near a stone-throwing metro station off the Jack-Cartier Bridge. Devimco, the advertiser for the DIX 30 district in Prochart, on Tuesday unveiled the first project in two Sir Charles condominium towers (named after the city’s founder), with a multi-functional purpose.

Overall, the project, valued at nearly $ 800 million, includes 1,612 housing units, the largest in the history of Ville de Languele, which underscores the developer.

He also says it is one of the most densely populated projects in the Montreal region.

Two towers with commercial foundations will be erected in one part of the parking lot, not far from Charles Le Moine.

The plan was unveiled in February 2017 by the city of Longue.

Photo: Longueil / Map Synergy city

The first tower will house 336 housing units over 25 floors. An indoor pool and Nordic spa will be set up on the roof with a view of the Jack Cartier Bridge and the eastern townships.

The two sites of our project will create a real synergy between different elements to create a high quality living environment for future residents, workers and visitors., Says Serge Coulot, president of Devimco Immopilor.

Myers and Sylvie’s parents in Longueil bring a joy The giant leap in urban development […]. It will always change the configuration of our city, She adds.

The future Brooklyn However it is criticized because it does not provide for schools. In early 2018, the city of Longwell and the Quebec government were investigatedLack of land for schools in the new city center mega project.

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