Excelter: Legalt refers to it as an “indecent meal in vain.”

The Prime Minister used social media to get his message across the afternoon. Understand me better. Workers have the right to strike and employers have the right Lock-out. But we must not allow such a foolish waste of large quantities of food. This is indecent, He decided.

Since the beginning of the labor dispute at the Saint-Anselm plant on May 23, one million chickens have been euthanized by Quebec producers without going to the grocery store shelves or restaurant kitchens without the chicken.

About 13% of poultry production in Quebec is thrown away every week. There is a word for it. It is in vain, He wrote straight.

In a society like ours, such a situation cannot be tolerated.

An excerpt from:The Prime Minister of Quebec Franois Legold

Premier adds that the Saudier-Appalachians plant will be shut down It has a negative impact not only on our manufacturers, but also on our restaurants and our businesses trying to meet the growing demand..

Franுவாois LeCold also used the COVID-19 epidemic to pressure the union. It seems to me that for a year and a half they were just as hard, He pleaded.

The Excelter plant in Saint-Anselm has been closed since May 23.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Carl Bowen

Moral responsibility

Earlier, its Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Andre Lamontagne, on Tuesday urged the workers ‘union at the plant to accept the mediation proposed by the government, as did the employers’ party.

As long as a party accepts mediation, there is nothing to justify it [que le syndicat] Do not accept, Andre Lamontagne crashed in an interview with Radio-Canada.

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Like the Prime Minister, he also denigrated the unacceptable situation regarding food waste. What is happening is meaningless. There is an area of ​​acknowledgment. The position it must take before all of Quebec is for the union to accept the arbitral tribunal and put an end to the waste.

The Minister called In the civic sense Union representatives confirmed their presence A moral responsibility As for the Quebecs.

Andre Lamontagne is active during the press conference.

Andre Lamontagne is Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sylvain Roy Russell

The union says no

Minutes after Minister Lamontagne left on Wednesday morning, a union representative arbitrator of about 550 employees at the Saint-Anselm plant closed the door.

If we go there, it will rob us of our bargaining power. It robs us of our right to prove and our pressure tactics, United Food and Trade Workers (TUAC) union representative Jack Roy summed up.

He insists that there should be workers in the Excelter factory Qualification, What they ask for, i.e. better wages and better working conditions. It is not easy, working conditions, cold and humidity.

Rial Maynard, Excelter workers' union representative

Real Menard, a trade union representative for Excelter’s workers, hopes to talk about arbitration soon.

Photo: Radio-Canada

His superior among TUAC, Real Maynard, the referee did not see the urgency to go. I think they don’t believe in mediation, He said about the employer and ministers involved in the file, and said the union He is still free from his actions and decisions.

A special mediator was appointed in the case in early June. According to Maynard, it is wrong to believe that negotiations are a stumbling block.

For now, a mediation is underway. Meetings are scheduled. There are things to discuss.

An excerpt from:Rial Maynard, union representative, United Food and Trade Workers, Division 1991 p

Mercy: “Ask the boss”

Real Maynard agreed with the public opinion Leaning towards the animal, Consider the increasing number of chicken euthanasia. However, he urges people to be aware of the working conditions in the food industry, especially in the butcheries in the province.

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Excelter Cooperative Management on Tuesday again condemned the euthanasia. Mr. Maynard replied that he was the boss May have played a leading role. He was well aware that we were going to clash, He continued. You will ask the employer why he did not stop the births at the right time.

The union committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday. Meetings with special mediators are scheduled for Friday. Mr. Other days can be added to the calendar, according to Maynard.

In collaboration with Pierre-Alexandre Bolduk

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