Worst Murder: “A scene worthy of a movie”

Worst Murder: “A scene worthy of a movie”

The investigation surrounding the discovery of a body on a Bruner’s land in Quebec will be very difficult for police officers, says Yannick Parent, former chief inspector of the investigative division.

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“It’s very complicated because we have a lot of scenes that start in Quebec and then we go to a lot of other places,” he explains.

Also, the discovery of the body shocked some police officers.

“Now, it’s a riot! We are not used to these kinds of events and it is still a scene worthy of a movie,” informs the expert.

Despite searches and the discovery of a body, the Crown prosecutor, Mee Jean-Simon LaRouche, filed charges of contempt of a corpse.

“At this time we are still unable to prove murder and only the subsequent investigation will determine that. Currently, we have three suspects, but can we prove beyond doubt whether the suspect is part of the trio or is it a different person,” notes the former chief inspector.

Watch his full explanation in the video above.

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