“Yes, it’s beautiful”: Two men who shot mafia boss Leonardo Rizzuto receive harsher sentences

“Yes, it’s beautiful”: Two men who shot mafia boss Leonardo Rizzuto receive harsher sentences

Two men who tried to kill Montreal Mafia co-leader Leonardo Rizzuto on a freeway in broad daylight received stiff sentences Friday, but that didn’t bother them.

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“Yeah, it’s beautiful,” said Kevin Rochebrune, 33, who pleaded guilty Friday to attempted murder in a Joliet court.

Kevin Rosebrunn.

Photo agency QMI, Maxime Deland

His accomplice, Steve Emmanuel Barthelemy, 35, was arrested on firearms charges following the March 15, 2023, afternoon crime.

That day, Mafia co-head Leonardo Rizzuto was in a cafe in Laval. But he doesn’t know that he is being watched by two men who are trying to kill him.


Leonardo Rizzuto.

Photo Agency QMI, Toma ICZKOVITS

So, when he left the scene in his Mercedes, he was followed by the twins. Rosebrune, who was once close to the late mafioso Francesco del Palso, was suspected of ordering the attack on Highway 440 West, near Highway 13, and then opened fire.


Photo agency QMI, Thierry Leforce

Not cooperating

“Leonardo Rizzuto, injured in the upper body and legs, drove his vehicle into the parking lot of a funeral home. […], represents a summary of facts. From there, he will be taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he will be hospitalized for a few days.

Even though he is a lawyer, Leonardo Rizzuto does not want to cooperate with the police. Although he is a victim in the case, he does not want to talk to lawyers and prefers to hire a lawyer to do so.

“He made it clear he didn’t want to talk about the consequences of the crime,” Mr.e Isabelle Pauline of the Crown, this Friday.

But without his cooperation, police were still able to catch Rochebrune, the shooter, and Barthelemy, who was driving the vehicle.

They leave traces

That’s because the shooters’ car, a black Porsche Macan that was rented, was able to be tracked by investigators with integrated GPS. By adding geolocation data from their phones, the noose tightened around them.

A few weeks later, when the Smith & Wesson murder weapon was found in a ditch, there was enough evidence to charge them.


Photo agency QMI, Maxime Deland

Defendants associated with street gangs appeared to have a strong enough preference for pleading guilty rather than going to trial.

On the recommendation of the parties, Rosebrun received a 10-year sentence. Barthelemy, for his part, had to serve 5 years because of his low involvement.

“I am satisfied with the sentence recommended to me,” declared Judge Eric Cote.

In addition to imprisonment, both defendants were barred from possessing prohibited weapons until their deaths. They must also provide a DNA sample.

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