A coalition of municipalities is forming to push for a third annexation of the East

A coalition of municipalities is forming to push for a third annexation of the East

Municipalities on the south coast and east of the capital are mobilizing to build a third link east of Quebec: they want to pressure the Legault government to consider this option, which has been abandoned for years.

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The Eastern Alliance for Inter-River Linkage is currently made up of five Regional District Municipalities (MRCs) located on the south bank, all of which have adopted – or are about to do so – a resolution to put pressure on the CAQ government. .

These are MRC Appalachias, Edchemins, Beause-Centre, Bellezas and Islet. But others are in discussion to join the movement, including Lévis, Côte-de-Beaupre and Ile-d’Orléans.

Many options in the east

In the resolution entered Newspaper Obtaining a copy, they asked Prime Minister François Legault and his transport minister, Genevieve Guilbault, to “submit and present one or more options for the creation of a road link between the rivers east of Quebec.”

The MRC resolution affirms that “many municipalities in the Saudier-Appalachia region and eastern Quebec are an integral part of the national capital’s sphere of influence and must actively participate in the discussions.”

They believe this exit is relevant in the context of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec Infra (CDPQi) presenting its report on interbank mobility.

“Ruined” bridges

They plead the importance of connectivity to the East for their economic development, tourism, transportation of goods, security of citizens, circulation of emergency services and “better construction of the collective transport offer in the region”.

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They highlight “the dilapidated state of inter-river infrastructure between the Quebec region and Chaudière-Appalaches and the risks they represent to the economic stability of the Quebec region and eastern Quebec.”

Ultimately, the confederation can unite not only cities, but also businesses and institutions, submits the resolution.

From 2014 to 2020, eastern scenarios for a possible third link were studied by the government.

In 2020, the CAQ refocused the plan, which had gone through several versions, then been abandoned, then resurrected after the electoral defeat of François Legault’s troops in Jean-Dalon.

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