April 14, 2024

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Labor shortage | PQ proposes to send 50% of immigrants to the regions

(Quebec) The Party of Quebec (PQ) proposes that at least 50% of migrants be sent to the region to combat labor shortages, which affect many parts of Quebec.

McCain Berry Melanon, a member of Caspian and a spokeswoman for the party Cubacois on immigration, economics and recovery, wants the Quebec government to give priority to newcomers who are committed to settling in the regions, while ensuring that there are concessions. Stay there.

MMe Perry Mellon accused the Covenant government of Avener Quebec (CAQ) of being insensitive, calling for more work for the plight of entrepreneurs in Quebec’s regions.

He first calls on Minister DL Immigration, de la Franchise et de Integration (MIFI) and Employ-Quebec to open up regions because they are both responsible for the list of industries that will benefit from the priority process. Applications under the Temporary Overseas Employee Program (TFWP). The member also proposes to allow temporary foreign workers and skilled workers to join the regional bed rather than one employer.

It also advises to encourage the retention of foreign students studying in regional universities. Party Quebecois has already offered to repay the surplus they owe if Quebec students train their profession in the regions for five years.

PQ also proposes the processing of Quebec exam certificate applications for immigrants working in the regions.

Finally, MP Perry Melanon believes the government should provide better support and support to employers in the region.