A major federal announcement “in English only”

Although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s CEO of Air Canada considers it unacceptable to speak only English, his own Immigration Minister Sean Fraser did the same in a major public announcement yesterday.

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Aside from saying “Fantastic, thank you” or “Thank you for joining me this morning,” Immigration Minister Sean Fraser did not hesitate to utter a single sentence in French in his 15 – minute statement.

Yesterday morning, the Immigration Minister invited the media to a press conference regarding the suspension of 1.8 million files.

$ 85M Pledge

Leaving the bat, he acknowledged that the waiting hours were “incredibly disappointing” and promised to upgrade the system with $ 85 million.

However, Minister Sean Fraser’s announcement was published in English from A to Z.

When Newspaper To ask him if publishing this announcement in English alone was a sign of respect for Cubs and phonographs in the country, Minister Moliere uttered a few sentences.

“I do not have the ability to understand questions now. Can you hear them in English? This is difficult, I apologize. ” Magazine Nova Scotia politician.

After a few sentences in French Magazine To say that he was learning the language and that both languages ​​were essential, he turned to English to promote bilingualism, which annoyed the Office of the Official Languages ​​Commissioner.

“It simply came to our notice then. I firmly believe that bilingualism is the most important skill for any leader, especially those in organizations subject to the Official Language Act, ”said Commissioner Raymond Deberg. Magazine.

In the office of Simon Joel-Barrett, the minister in charge of the French language, an arrow was fired at the Trudeau government. “French leaders must speak French, one of Canada’s two official languages. In Quebec, the language of immigration should be French. ”

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– In collaboration with Guillaume St-Pierre and Olivier Bourque

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