Things We Didn’t Appreciate Now We’re in The Digital Age

The internet gave us a lot of things, but it also took away a few finer details. Some of these are greatly missed and should come back in some form. Take a look at our suggestions for the biggest losses due to the internet.

The smell of books

When the internet first became commonplace, there was a great outcry from book lovers. Where was the smell of books? Our Kindles and tablets simply weren’t doing it for us. We needed that rough, stale, dusty smell to comfort us at night as we were pursued by a headless horseman or having an illicit affair with a prince.

It’s gotten so bad that people have taken action. For one thing, the bookstores haven’t closed down like we all suspected, and finding a small private bookstore is now akin to a day at the beach.

For another, there are even people out there selling candles that have every variation of a library scent you can think of. “Wizard’s Office”, “Bookshop Café” and “Sherlock’s Study” are but a few examples.

The tension in the casino

As lockdown hit and the physical casinos closed, we all died a little inside. There’s just nothing like the stiff air of a poker table, or the electricity of sitting in front of a slot machine. There’s something far more real about it, where you can see for yourself where your money’s going and therefore get a much bigger thrill when you win.

Of course, if the feel of felt always makes you queasy, you might prefer the online casino world. You’re comfortable, able to play when you want without a trip, or even a reason. You can take advantage of bonuses and play as you want. If that sounds like you. play the best no deposit casino bonuses in Canada through this site.

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Cover art

Cover art was once a genre of art in its own right. Do you even remember a single pulp fiction title? No. The pulp movement’s defining feature was its cover art, which often had absolutely nothing to do with the plot inside.

And some of these images are synonymous with the novel itself. Can you imagine The Great Gatsby without immediately seeing the wide blue eyes of the cover? Or the Catcher in the Rye without the flaming red carousel horse on the cover?

There was even a point where the best book covers became a little abstract. They told you to work for the meaning of the book, like covers for the Invisible Man. How do you depict invisibility in visual art?!

Today, sure there are book covers, but they are minimalist with some character lost, or they are bound by the rules of their genre. Plus, more often than not, they simply feature the poster of the film adaptation!

In addition, album artwork skips over your eyes and is forgotten on Spotify, where once you couldn’t imagine Nirvana without the idea of a swimming baby in your mind. And as more movies feature on streaming services, DVD covers will be abandoned too. What will teenagers put on their wall now?

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