A third Quebec-Lewis link | A highway project is “ruled out in 2026,” says PQ member Pascal Paradis

A third Quebec-Lewis link |  A highway project is “ruled out in 2026,” says PQ member Pascal Paradis

(Drummondville) MP Pascal Paradis closes the door: The Parti Québécois will under no circumstances approve a plan for a third highway link between Quebec and Lévis.

“The position of the Parti Québécois on this issue has not changed completely. Paul St-Pierre Plamondon has made it very clear. In the highway sector, it is excluded. It was excluded in 2018, it was excluded in 2022, it was excluded during the Jean-Dalon campaign, and it was excluded in 2026,” he said. The elected official said during a press scrum on the sidelines of the PQ's National Council in Drummondville on Saturday and Sunday.

Photo by Edward Plant-Freshette, La Presse Archives

Parti Québécois Member of Parliament Pascal Paradis

Earlier in the week, Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon A press conference was not so sure.

“The reason for my reply is that you want to know my status for 2026, the current status is 2022. But looking forward to 2026, the variable I'm missing is – what is this whole recommendation? Finance. […] Where will we be? Are there any firm commitments or things already started? I have doubts,” he said.

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Later, on social media, the PQ leader confirmed that he had omitted a place for the automobile in his Quebec-Lévis plan, but he did not control what the Caisse de dépôt et placement d'in would do in 2026. It could be a game changer. “We don't want a highway link for the PQ, but we won't control the CDPQ agenda for the next two years,” he wrote on the X platform.

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CDPQ Infra has the mandate to determine a structured transportation plan to improve public transportation for Quebec City and improve mobility and fluidity in Quebec's metropolitan community, particularly between the two banks. She should present her project in the summer.

However, Mr. Paradis believes. “Imagine. The project is in the air before 2018. It is subject to many elections. What has been done so far in this project? Nothing. Before saying that anything will be built before the next election, it is fantasy, speculation,” he said.

Later in the day, its president Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, however, reiterated that in 2026, the Parti Québécois plan “will take into account the evolution of the situation regarding the decisions of the government and the Caisse.”

In recent days, columnists and analysts from various media have criticized Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon has criticized this position. The confusion comes from “a political party that wanted to play politics with this question,” said Mr. Paradis believes. Without naming it, it targets Québec solidaire, whose representatives Etienne Grandmont, Sol Zanetti and Ruba Ghazal wrote messages on the subject in X.

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