Dangerous Conflict: A tragic call that cools your spine

A small advertising plane carrying a wedding proposal crashed in Dieppe Park in Montreal around 6pm on Saturday.

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One died tragically, another was injured and hospitalized, but details of his health are unknown.

However, before the tragic event, the pilot made a tragic call.

“Tower … Made”, we can hear the pilot say on the record of the plane that received the TVA Nouvelles. The audio track cuts a lot so it is difficult to understand other spoken words.

* The control tower attempts to reconnect with the aircraft at 1:35

* Tragic call can be heard at 29:39

The control tower then tells the pilot to do it again because he did not hear the distress call.

“Say it again, I can’t hear you,” the controller asks.

Following this final call, the air traffic controller attempted to contact the aircraft several times, to no avail.

“When I last saw him, he was at a very low altitude between the Victoria Bridge and the Jack-Cartier Bridge. I have a feeling something may have happened there. We can hear that.

TSB investigation

The investigation has been transferred to the Transport Safety Board of Canada (TSB).

His spokesman Chris Krebsky said the latter sent two investigators Saturday evening to gather information to assess the incident.

“We will specifically list the wreckage, photographs, site documentation, interviewing witnesses, and searching for information about the aircraft maintenance file. All data to better understand the circumstances of the accident.”

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