ALBERTA: Jason Kenny is breaking the silence after 22 days absent

Alberta Premier Jason Kenny broke his silence during the event on Facebook Live on Wednesday evening, defending his government in handling the health crisis, including the fourth wave of the Covit-19.

Speaking for the first time since August 9, when he left on vacation, Mr Kenny sought to justify his absence and his calmness in the midst of a health crisis.

“It is important for everyone, especially when working at a job with high pressure, to set aside time to recharge their batteries,” he said, adding that some have politicized this absence.

He called for mass vaccination in the face of a particularly serious fourth wave in the Conservative Premier Province.

“There is no such thing as a possible zero Govt policy,” CTV News reports.

“What we need to do here is increase the number of vaccines and ensure that we have the capacity for health care,” he added.

Mr Kenny warned that Alberts must live with the virus and be free to wear the mask or reject a new lock from the outset.

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