Outbursts: A “dream” for women ceased

The 23-year-old was said to have been shocked when they broke into their home at midnight to see the women sleeping or being sexually abused.

Derek Desjardins-Loroy appeared in Cadino Court on Aug. 27 on 26 counts of sexual assault, forcible sealing, breaking and entering, assault, possession of a drug, possession of a prohibited weapon, and conditions.

The suspect had broken into several homes in Lock-Simon in recent weeks. Authorities said the suspect was still knocking at night.

According to our information, on at least one occasion, he raped a woman while she was sleeping well. In another case, he allegedly entered the house to watch the victim sleep, and then fled when the victim woke up startled.

When the apartments he entered illegally were deserted, Derek Deszardins-Leroy took advantage of their opportunity to loot.

The alleged crimes against Desjardins-Leroy were of great concern, with authorities asking residents of the area to make sure the doors of their apartments were locked exactly a week ago.

The police investigation investigation finally led to the arrest of the suspect the day after the announcement to the public.

Derek Desjardins-Leroy is set to return to court on September 9 for further legal action. Until then, he is in custody.

Anyone with information about this man and his activities can contact the Criminal Information Center of S 800reté du Québec at 1 800 659-4264.

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