An Atticamec family targeted by racist comments at a convenience store in Quebec City

An Adigamek family from Vemodasi say they were racist in a shop in Quebec after an employee said members of the First Nations did not have access to toilets.

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The incident took place late Saturday at a proxy convenience store in the Jules-Vernes area of ​​Quebec. Valerie Ottawa, her daughter and her two grandchildren went to the cashier using the bathroom. The cashier asked “Did you see my face?” She is white. Toilets are not for everyone.

The employee then admitted to the Lord very aggressive behavior.Me Ottawa also criticized its acquisitions.

“I do not know what you are doing in my country! Toilets are not for everyone! At dinner, there are no sweets,” M wrote.Me Ottawa, in a post on its Facebook page following the incident.

He says he and his family were “struck by his attitude.”

“I felt [comme s’il] I had to exclude my grandchildren from that person’s comments because it was hard to hear, ”Valerie Ottawa told TVA Novels on Monday.

“That’s what we enjoyed on Saturday […] It was just as violent as Joyce Echaquan experienced at Joliet Hospital, ”the woman said angrily.

“We must condemn racism, it is not normal. What we experienced was aggression. I am a grandmother and I do not accept that my grandchildren still experience racism today,” Valerie Ottawa said a few minutes before leaving for a police station in Quebec City.

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MMe Ottawa and its family officially filed a complaint with police Monday morning.

Over the next few days, investigators from the Quebec City Police Department will have to determine if there are reasons to file a case with the Director of Criminal and Penal Procedure.

Dismissed employee

Meanwhile, Hornoys, which owns the Proxy Convenience Store, has confirmed that the employee involved was fired later in the afternoon.

“This is unacceptable behavior. I can not believe it to do or say such things. These are unacceptable ideas, regardless of the year or the century,” explained Steve Lamontain, vice president of retail network and marketing for Harnois Energy.

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