April 15, 2024

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Tramway: The federation should protect as many trees as possible, Mary-Josie Saward recalled

Outgoing municipal administration and candidate Mary-Josie Schwartz found themselves in the middle of a fierce gun battle with other mayoral candidates over the insertion of a tram and protection of trees in Boulevard Rene-Levescu on Monday.

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On Monday, Newspaper It was revealed that the Ministry of Environment The Montcolm sector recently asked a new series of questions to the municipal administration about the best way to insert a tramway and protect as many trees as possible. Quebec City must respond by October 21st.

Tramway: The federation should protect as many trees as possible, Mary-Josie Saward recalled

Photo Didier Debutcher

In the view of Quebec 21 President Jean-Franசois Gossell, the news is timely. This proves what I have been telling you for months: the tram project is not set in stone. The dice have not been played, ”he said, urging candidate Sauerkraut to speak clearly before the vote on November 7.

To Bruno Merchant, the chef of Quebec Forte et Fear, this latest chapter “shows frying on the line. We have seen from the beginning that there is a communication breakdown and the citizens of Quebec are not winners.

Damage to trees

Earlier in the day, Ms. Saward, committee chairwoman Mary-Josie Saward, acknowledged that “it is not possible for a tree not to be cut down” during a tram visit.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Renee-Lewisk Boulevard. The federation’s mandate is to take into account the surrounding trees and to have the least impact on the trees.

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According to her, “You hear a lot of trees being cut down. But we say again that there is no” cane. ” […] Everything still needs to work, yet everything is possible. “


Jean Rousseau, leader of Democratic Quebec, accused the municipal administration of being “opaque” and said, “If the ministry does not know, how do you expect citizens to find their way? There should be clarifications.”

For his part, Quebec’s Transition QB, Jackie Smith, condemned the fact that the canopy defends “the city completely ignores its own policy”.

– In collaboration with Stephanie Martin

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