Awareness test of Gabriel Nado-Dubois

Their muscle exchange attracted attention. Gabriel Nado-Dubois attacks Prime Minister Duplessis, Legald calls him an Awake. The tone is harsh and time will be one of the highlights of the week in the National Assembly.

For Gabriel Nado-Dubois, it was a success. I’m not talking about the choice of words or the angle of attack. I emphasize the simple fact that Franுவாois LeCold has established himself as a true spectator who stole light and broadcast time from the Leader of the Opposition.

At the beginning of the election year, the opposition will fight to stand alone, and the talented GND will have to laugh under his breath. He won this round. He is the Quebec who appeared in the fight with the Prime Minister. The first number on the list of things to win as Quebec Solitaire’s new parliamentary speaker has been checked.

Got up

To be considered as Woke up Good can be bad. On the left, it is seen as a person who is very sensitive to questions about racism and discrimination. This is the initial definition of existence Woke up. The Quebec Solidarity has occupied this political field for many years.

Movement Woke up However, it intensified. He has stepped up efforts to destroy history, silencing by aggressive means destroying otherwise-thinking and national symbols. In Canada, we almost canceled Canada Day this year. No matter how much we want to reconcile with the indigenous people, we cannot turn the entire history of a country into a disgrace.

For Gabriel Nado-Dubois, who is in politics in Quebec, there is an additional problem. Movement Woke up Rejects all nationalities and can not imagine a people imposing their language. The reform of the French language charter was a secular one in their view.

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The wokisme Living in English, he wants to revive all his native languages, but weakening the French language is not a priority. The disappearance of French as a minority language in North America did not move anyone there.

In this case, Gabriel Nado-Dubois a Woke up, But one Quebecker was worried about his language. We feel an honest commitment to his role in the future of the French. This will give him a moment of truth in the coming months.

Hot discussion

This debate will burn around Bill 96 in the coming weeks. As Christmas approaches, we will feel the pressure on each party to support or oppose the modernization of the French language charter.

At his party, Gabriel Nado-Dubois will be told the truth Woke up : “In the records of the National Assembly in which you arose, at a time like the members of the CAQ, you could not enter into such legislation. “

We recommend that he find any excuses or excuses to vote against him.

This will be a real test.

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