February 23, 2024

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Bill 15: Christian Dubé has a message for Quebecers

Bill 15: Christian Dubé has a message for Quebecers

In a video broadcast for the first time on LCN Sunday afternoon, Health Minister Christian Dubey explained to Quebecers why he wanted to move forward with his Bill 15.

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“We have provided a new tool to make our health and social care delivery more humane and more efficient,” he says from the start.

Mr. Dube notes.

“We’re putting our vision on paper with our health plan,” he adds. One of the important components of the health plan is the revision of the Act on Health and Social Services. That’s why with Bill 15, we’re honoring the commitment we’ve made to make the health care system more efficient at the heart of the problem. We do it for patients and staff.

Quebecers should expect many changes to be felt on the ground in the coming months.

“The creation of Santé Québec will bring a lot of change, and the commitment I am making today is to make this change gradually and with all the necessary transparency, so that you can have confidence in the coming months,” says the minister.

The 15th Bill was passed on Saturday morning after about 15 hours of debate in the National Assembly.

Watch Christian Dubé’s full message in the video above

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