Booster Doses | Canada will have enough for the whole population, Trudeau says

(Ottawa) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promises: There will be plenty of vaccines already approved in the provinces to provide stimulant medicine to all Canadians as recommended by experts.

Joel-Denise Bellevance

Joel-Denise Bellevance

In a press release on Wednesday, he said that if the third dose is to be given, the federal government has already signed distribution agreements with the major manufacturers of the vaccine. Trudeau recalled.

“Access to vaccines and the amount of vaccines is not an issue for us. We have enough now, and we will get more in weeks and months. We also have contracts for 2022, which guarantee what requirements, expert recommendations, will be sufficient for us,” he said.

On Tuesday, Health Minister Jean-Yves-Duclos called on the National Advisory Council on Immunization (NACI) to expedite the issuance of new guidelines on the administration of a booster dose to all patients.

“At one point we can see the social transformation of the new variant. We do not currently have any evidence to prove this. We were able to detect cases of travelers affected by our health measures and border rules,” the minister said.

Quebec recently announced that people aged 70 and over can receive the COVID-19 vaccine booster if their last dose is more than six months old. This booster dose is used as a precautionary measure as Q experts have noticed a slight decrease in immunity in the elderly, especially those over 80 years of age.

The Legault government has given the green light to provide a third dose of vaccine for the elderly living in CHSLDs and private nursing homes. This client’s vaccination – about 220,000 people – should be completed by the end of November.

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that compulsory screening of all air travelers except Canadians at Canadian airports should be implemented in the coming days.

Photo by Philip Bowen, The Press

Screening tests are mandatory at all airports for travelers, whether or not they have been vaccinated with the Covit-19 vaccine.

The federal government announced the new measure the previous day to curb the Omigron variant. Screening tests are mandatory at all airports for travelers, whether or not they have been vaccinated with the Covit-19 vaccine. They need to isolate themselves while waiting for a negative result. Non-vaccinated passengers should be self-isolated for 14 days and re-tested on the 8th day.

If Quebec’s Health Minister Christian Dupe had welcomed the federal government’s initiative, he would have been even more surprised at the date on which these measures will come into effect. At a press conference, Mr. Dubey said he raised the issue during a call with his federal representative, Jean-Yves Duclos, and all health ministers in the provinces and territories.

« On va commencer à les mettre en vigueur le plus rapidement possible. […] (Security) Let’s put this extra layer. People should screen themselves as soon as they arrive and if we can do it in the days to come then we will do it. We were already doing random screening. What we are doing is increasing it to be available to all, and we expect it to be done in the coming days or weeks, ”he said before the Liberal Caucus meeting began. Trudeau said.

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