April 21, 2024

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[EN IMAGES] Convoy in Ottawa: Truckers ignore police warning

Ottawa | The most difficult members of the “independent convoy” that still paralyzed the city of Ottawa were skeptical of the formal announcement that the police had ordered them to leave immediately.

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“Personally, I plan to build a paper airplane with it,” says Ralph Snow, a veteran parked on Parliament Hill.

The bilingual letter, however, refers to the consequences of truckers staying on site, especially under Emergency Measures Act.

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“You must leave now. Anyone blocking traffic lanes […] He will be arrested for a criminal offense, ”the notice said.

On Wednesday morning, agents handed over the misses smoothly, but without towing the crowded truckers to Wellington Street, the Parliament building and the occupation satellite camps.

Like many, Ojay Lightly, 41, actually tore under his eyes Newspaper.

“It’s not just a scare trick, it’s a threat,” he said.

Indifference and teasing

Others expressed their indifference and went so far as to mock the paper.

“I do not know what you are talking about. I did not see it,” says 36-year-old Matt McKenzie with a smile as the sheet slips into his door handle.

Eventually, following this distribution some heavyweights seem to have left the occupation.

The move, the day after the Ottawa police chief resigned, posed a clear threat to authorities against protesters since the beginning of the siege.

Ottawa’s Children’s Aid Association has urged trucking parents to arrange for their children to be detained if they want to be arrested.

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“There is no doubt that the pressure is mounting,” Ontario Michael Gibbons admitted in his van.

In the streets of the capital, rumors of an immediate police intervention spread. Some organizers met in the afternoon to discuss.

Ready for anything

“We are ready for anything, tear gas, umbrella chili, ultrasound …”, confirms his role from Mauritius’ Mathews.

This is the first time he has been instructed to be on the lookout since he arrived at headquarters.

Participants in the occupation assured us that the guards would patrol the streets of the city center throughout the night as usual.

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Trucks are chained, flat tires, wheels are removed from the axle or attached to the vehicle’s chassis: trucks amplify tricks to complicate police work.

“It’s hard to get around,” one of them proudly pointed to the front of his chain truck.