Canada-US border: Should open immediately

The prime ministers of Saskatchewan and Alberta, along with the governors of North Dakota, Montana and Idaho, demanded the immediate reopening of the border between the two countries for the movement of citizens and goods.

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Scott Moe and Jason Kenny, along with governors of neighboring states Doug Burke, Greg Gianford and Brad Little, sent a joint letter Friday to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Joe Biden.

“As leaders of the states and provinces that make up the border between the United States and Canada, we urge both countries to work together to reach an agreement that will allow the flow of citizens, goods and tourists between our countries. Can the two countries read now?”

The five leaders put forward the vaccination argument, which is considered to be adequate in both countries in particular.

“With high vaccination rates in both countries, the borders can now be safely reopened,” the Prime Minister of Alberta said on Twitter on Friday evening.

The vaccination campaign is most advanced in the two Canadian provinces, where Alberta has 62% of its eligible population fully vaccinated as of Thursday, and 61% of those aged 12 and over in Saskatchewan at the time of the assessment. Friday.

In the United States, 45.9% of North Dakota residents over the age of 12 and above received two doses in the most recent update Thursday, compared to 45.4% in Idaho and 48% in Montana, according to a balance sheet shared Friday.

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The Prime Ministers and Governors continued, “We must accept our personal responsibility by vaccinating citizens who wish to do so, by reducing mitigation measures that cause economic damage, and by promoting business and tourism.”

Recall that Ottawa announced on Monday that fully vaccinated Americans would be allowed to return to Canada from August 9, while the United States decided on Wednesday to extend the closure of the land border until August 22.

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