April 21, 2024

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His window was broken for parking his disabled vehicle

The mother of a Montreal teenager suffering from an orphanage causes him a severe stroke and denounces the theft of his disabled parking sticker from his car.

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“And [le voleur] I can live with my son’s disability one day, maybe he will understand ”The usefulness of our sticker, angry Isabel Nado.

On Tuesday morning, the windshield of his car was smashed. Only the parking sticker stuck on his windshield was stolen. Isabelle Nato’s car was parked on the street in front of her house in a reserved area for the disabled, established by the city of Montreal.

She is no longer allowed to park there because she does not have a sticker. Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) will give him a new one in two or three weeks.

Until then, Isabelle Nadeau has to find another place to park her car.

His son Mathis, who suffers from a rare autoimmune orphan disease called Rasmussen Syndrome, has difficulty walking with orthoses due to paralysis of the right side.

“It doesn’t have to be visible to the naked eye when you look at the person, but if you have a sticker, you need it,” he says.

Isabel Nado and her son Mathis Zapatos.

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Isabel Nado and her son Mathis Zapatos.


To receive such a sticker in Quebec, you must have a “disability that compromises health and safety while traveling short distances that may result in loss of autonomy or the need to use a vehicle”, SAAQ states on its website.

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“Anyone who does not need to use the sticker will be affected by the alternatives that are really needed. This is detrimental to the overall reputation of those who hold the stickers, ”explains Karen Lesage, from Office of Persons with Disabilities in Quebec.

“Theft of disabled parking permits in Montreal does not seem to be very common,” said Renat Busemin, a spokesman for the Service de police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM).

In fact, of the 181,721 stickers in circulation in Quebec in 2021, only 276 were reported stolen by SAAQ.

A person who fraudulently uses a disabled parking sticker faces a $ 317 fine and criminal charges for receiving stolen goods, according to the SPVM.

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