CEGEPs and Universities | Starting date is January 17th, but distance learning is allowed until January 31st

Like elementary and high schools, Quebec plans to have CEGEP and university students return to campus from January 17, but allow them to stay in distance education until the end of the month. However, for many students and teachers, the uncertainty persists.

Mary-Eve Morassae

Mary-Eve Morassae

The Ministry of Higher Education reiterated in a message to CEGEPs and universities on Friday: “According to the recommendations of the Department of Public Health, everyone can be in the classroom on January 17th.”

But the government plans to allow higher education institutions to allow “alternate periods”, such as universities (Université de Montréal and Université Laval, among others) that have already announced that they will postpone their return to school for a few weeks. Stay in distance education until January 31st.

Lucy Pitche, president of the CEGEP Teachers’ Federation (FEC-CSQ), says the minister’s slogan is not derived from the complex situation of CEGEPs. Among the professors preparing for their session, there is “uncertainty”.

“We’re in the same situation as the school network: we’re ready for Jan. 17 in vain, and people are having a hard time believing it because there is an explosion of COVID-19 cases,” he said.Me பிச்சே.

Samuel Wylancourt, President of the F ddration d’études collégiale du Québec (FECQ), believes it is time for Minister Danielle McCann to address the students.

“For now, we’ve been told it’s going to be the same as last fall, but we’re finding it does not fit the number of cases we see every day. It’s very worrying. How are we going to make campuses safer than last semester?

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He argues that the government could take advantage of CEGEPs’ “very strong adherence” to the vaccine, deliver a third dose on campus or distribute rapid tests to students. Like a good portion of the population, most of them do not have one on hand.

Just days before the start of the school year, teachers are also “having practical ideas such as a third dose and quick tests,” says Lucy Piche.

“Some and Restricted” Explosions

The Ministry of Higher Education says it has not considered introducing a vaccine passport to attend classes at CEGEPs and universities, and recalls that last fall, outbreaks at these institutions were “limited and restricted”.

True, Samuel Wylancourt says, but the vigor of the Omigron variant will change a game. What is planned for students who need to isolate themselves for a greater number of 5 or 10 days due to symptoms? Is anything planned for them? Asks the head of the FECQ.

“What we want to avoid is that a student with symptoms or waiting for a test is under pressure to go to his or her campus,” he said. Wylancourt says.

Back to school in a couple of weeks

The start date will vary depending on the CEGEPs in the province, but most would have welcomed their students by January 24th.

If the Federation des Sezeps pointed out Press The Regroupement des cégeps de Montreal notes that “CEGEPs are preparing to relaunch in the presence of those who plan to launch on January 17” as planned.

“The Montreal CEGEPs and universities meet with the Montreal Regional Public Health Department on a regular basis. The last meeting was held on Wednesday. We will have one in two weeks,” said Natalie Wally, chair of the Regiment des Sezepes de Montreal. He says.

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Some CEGEPs have already announced that a “fallback plan” for remote re-entry to their community may be implemented soon. It’s in Cégep de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the start of the school year is scheduled for January 24th. At Cégep de Sherbrooke, we’re getting ready to go back to school on January 17th.

However, some students could not bear the uncertainty caused by this new Govt-19 wave. Faced with the fear of a new session being completely away, some have already decided to cancel their courses, they tell the Federation of College Students of Quebec.


Number of public CEGEPs in Quebec

175 000

Number of CEGEPs in regular education

Source: Federation of CEGEPs

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