5th wave: Legald refuses to convene the National Assembly in a hurry

The Prime Minister, Franois LeCold, has refused to urgently summon parliamentarians to discuss measures to be taken against the 5th Amendment.e The Govt-19 wave, as the official opposition leader Dominic Angled put it.

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According to the Prime Minister’s Office, it is “counter-intuitive” to want to reopen parliament in an environment where people are known to “avoid all social interactions” and “stay at home”. [à] Telework ”.

His press correspondent, Evans Chavez, responded that the government should “set an example” as it conducts cabinet meetings in a virtual manner.

He also recalled that the parliamentary session would resume on the 1stThere is Next February, “Ensures that all our energies are used to fight this virus and these 5e The deadliest wave ”.

Liberal leader Dominique Anglet sent a letter to Franசois Legalt on Thursday evening, in which he confronted the rise of Omigran diversity, emphasizing that government press conferences were “not enough to reassure the people.”

“Unfortunately, in recent weeks we have seen great confusion in government communications, especially in the use of rapid tests and PCR tests,” he laments. Questions arise as to the scientific justification for certain actions.

That is why he urges Franுவாois LeCall to urgently invite parliamentarians to Quebec to “bring questions of the population” to him and clarify the plan to “end the crisis” while “respecting health measures”.

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Dominic Anglet is due to speak to reporters at 10 a.m. Friday.

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