Child hit by stray bullet: 10 years in jail for trying to take justice into his own hands

Child hit by stray bullet: 10 years in jail for trying to take justice into his own hands

Sorrel-Tracy | A man who tried to take justice into his own hands by gunning down menacing men in a residential area and ambushing a 9-year-old child with bullets will have to spend 10 years in jail for his impulsive act.

“Have we achieved a tolerant society? [qu’une personne, même de bonne réputation], Surrender with arms to resolve conflicts? » asked Judge Louis Leduc during his observations on the sentencing of Yves Martin Larocque in the Sorrel-Tracy court on Friday.

“This is the heart of the matter,” she continued. What a sad story. »

Last January, the 39-year-old man admitted to aggravated assault and discharging a firearm with intent to injure by reckless use of a weapon on August 22, 2021, at Contrecour, Monterrey.

He thus benefited from a conditional arrest on the charge of attempted murder.


Taken from Yves Martin Larocque’s Facebook

A message

That evening, at 7:30 p.m., three criminals came to his house, in the rue des Beauvoins, to deliver a message to him.

“We’re going to get a team together and we’re going to come and go through you,” one of them told him, defense lawyer Ms.e Morgan Laloume.

The man reluctantly pulled the child away

I’m Morgan Laloume, defense attorney.

Jonathan Tremblay

We have received reports that Martin Larocque has been intimidated for months after participating in a protest at a nearby bar.

Awakened by his intrusions, the accused picked up his registered gun and loaded it, exited his house and fired at his bullies. He was only wearing a swimming suit.

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David Burrell-Jenot was shot in the head while trying to drive away. A 35-year-old man with a serious criminal record, having more than thirty convictions between 2006 and 2020.

The man reluctantly pulled the child away

A few hours after the car driven by Burelle-Jenotte finished the race in a ditch at Contrecourt.

Photography agent QMI, Pascal Girard

Another bullet accidentally went through the thigh of a 9-year-old boy in a neighboring field.

A third person was injured, but less seriously.

“Wild West”

“It was probably his worst nightmare, hitting a little kid,” admitted Crown prosecutor M.e Frédéric Ouellet.

The man reluctantly pulled the child away

I am Frédéric Ouellet, from the case.

Jonathan Tremblay

The latter considered that a sentence of 10 years, less than the time already served, would reflect the severity of the accused’s impulsive actions.

“His responsibility is complete. We were inches away from a death, said the lawyer. Lucky to have none. »

“This scene is typical of the Wild West,” he said. We must make it clear that we cannot take justice into our own hands. »

The man reluctantly pulled the child away

Pascal Girard/AGENCY QMI

For its part, the defense recommended that Martin Larocque receive a sentence equal to time already served.

At worst, Me Laloume asked for a sentence that would allow his client to remain in a provincial institution.

While relatives of the accused supported him in the trial, he wanted to express his remorse in the court.

“Many people have been affected by my actions. I blame myself for behaving this way. He said he had no prior history of the affair. I apologize for the pain caused. »

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Judge Leduc expects to hand down his sentence next January.

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