Vaccine | The dose is expected to exceed 2.3 million this week

(Ottawa) As public health officials prepare for the fourth possible wave, the federal government expects to receive more than 2.3 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNtech Govt-19 vaccine this week.

Deer Almidi
Canadian Press

Ottawa has already received more than 66 million doses of the Govit-19 vaccine.

As of Tuesday, the federal government had 6.7 million vaccines in its national reserves that could be taken if provinces and territories needed more.

New vaccine exports come as Canada’s chief public health official warns that the country could go on to a fourth wave of COVID-19 if the country removes health restrictions before adequately protecting people from vaccination coverage.

Speaking to reporters last Friday, D.C.Re Theresa Tom presented the latest national model of the progression of the epidemic, which shows that the highly contagious delta variant can lead to fourth-wave infections.

“This pathway depends on the increase and comprehensive immunization coverage and the time and speed of relief,” the doctor said.Re Tom.

“Some resurgence is expected as restrictions are relaxed. This updated model demonstrates that we expect a moderate increase in cases if we maintain current population-level contact levels.”

D.Re Tom said the country could see a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases if the reopening continues quickly enough before enough people are fully vaccinated.

“We can expect a strong upsurge at the end of the summer,” the CEO said.

According to her, the new forecasts demonstrate the need to adopt a cautious approach in easing health measures to “stay alert and react to relapse symptoms” in addition to increasing vaccine coverage.

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An average of 640 new cases have been reported in Canada over the past seven daysRe Tom, this is a 93% drop from the peak of the third wave.

As of Friday, 80.3% of those eligible received the first dose, while 63.7% were now fully vaccinated.

D.Re Theresa Tom said the country has made “big improvements” in terms of vaccination over the past month, but there is a need to further increase the number of people vaccinated.

“This is an increase of more than 80% of total vaccine coverage among all ages, but especially among the majority of young adults,” D.C.Re Tom, dR. Howard Ng.

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