December 9, 2022

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Complexe Guy-Favreau has no coupons, but mobile toilets

Despite Union Minister Karina Gold announcing the implementation of a coupon system to better manage the queue of people seeking passports, the situation of citizens waiting in the rain at the Complex Guy-Favre in Montreal has changed.

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On Thursday morning, hundreds of people lined up around the federal building. No coupons are issued on Thursday mornings and instead agents will go outside and prioritize people according to their flight time.

“They’re going out to make the test a priority for people traveling today. You have to be quiet, they’ll be out in a minute. Please be in line so they can deal with everyone,” one security guard explained with a megaphone, circling to make sure everyone got the message.

  • Listen to the interview of Marion Lazo, a citizen of Drummondville with Kai-Favro on Alexandre Dupe’s microphone on QUB Radio:

Concerned citizens take to the field to try to assist security officials, provide guidance, and create home-made lists.

Screenshot | VAT News

“I was there yesterday, I was on Monday, it was a disaster. The system seemed to be OK until I lost control,” laments one citizen trying to get involved with the organization.

Screenshot | VAT News

Most of the people in line had to brave the heavy rain at night, but the good news is that mobile toilets have been installed to make the wait easier.

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