Private CHSLDs: Over $ 27 million to raise staff salaries

Quebec announced $ 27.2 million in funding on Tuesday in support of a pay rise for employees of non-contractual (CHSLD PNC) private residential and long-term care centers.

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The fund will help retain relevant companies and attract workers by trying to reduce the pay gap between PNC CHSLD employees and their colleagues in the public network.

“It is important that our government provide non-contractual support to private CHSLTs for their users, especially in terms of reasonable interests in terms of quality and security of services.

“In a difficult environment where the issue of skilled labor is a major issue, such funds will provide additional support to these organizations in their efforts to better access skilled human resources,” the Minister declared. Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubey, in a press release.

The government grant comes in the wake of a $ 7.3 million increase in salaries announced last March to increase the salaries of nursing technicians and nursing assistants.

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