Tramway: The bar did not open after the election

The Quebec government is clear on the tramway agreement with the city of Quebec: this situation is unlikely to change depending on the outcome of the municipal election.

Last year the government actually ruled in the cabinet that “if the estimated cost of the project exceeds the already announced government contributions it should be absorbed by the city of Quebec or subject to additional contributions from the latter”.

Candidates for mayor should keep this in mind when it comes time to propose regarding the structural network.

So this week, Bruno Marsand, president of Quebec Forte and Fier, went there with 10 advances aimed at giving “new impetus to the tramway”. Of these, he proposes to remove the raised platform at specific locations, improve specifications to reduce the presence of overhead wires, and bring back ski lifts between the upper city and the lower city, excluding the question of costs. .

Mr. Marchand admitted that these changes could not be measured, but thinks the government is open to discussion. The idea of ​​improving the project is certainly commendable, but apparently there will be no apparent ban by higher governments.

The “city” project

As for Quebec 21, its chairman, Jean-Franசois Kozulin, speaks through his hat, suggesting that he would not have put forward a plan, as he did on Tuesday. [de métro léger] On June 9, we learned that the Quebec government would not fund our project. ”

The truth is, Mr. Kozulin explains the concept of “city planning” in great detail. He does not know if the government will really be there for his project, which is very thematic and its costs are considered unreliable, which is controversial by many experts.

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The president of Quebec 21 agreed to the transparency, meaning he would have to negotiate with the government to fund his project.

Important and laborious talks took place between the city and the Quebec government to fund the tramway network. A deal was finally signed in the spring, but at the price of major compromises, including the sacrifice of a section of the route through Charlestown and Limoillo via Estimaville.

We will add that these negotiations preceded many analyzes and studies of the project. It is a long way from the light rail, a project that was delivered before the election campaign, which is apparently not subject to any scrutiny.

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