Covit-19: Change suggestions confuse travelers | Corona virus

According to Marty Firestone, the boss Safe travel, A travel insurance company does not know what to do with the mandatory check-in at airports and isolated locations, not to mention the various procedures followed in other countries.

What do I need to do to enter this country? What do I need to do to enter the following country? What do I need to do to return to my home country?, He quoted his clients as saying.

Many customers change their destination or cancel their vacation plans due to excitement.

They are confused, no other word.

Screening tests are one of those gray areas.

Attendance restrictions …

The Canadian federal government must screen all travelers entering the country except the United States and be individually pending results.

Although the Omicron variant is found in more than 50 countries, travelers from 10 African countries face the most severe restrictions.

Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos admitted on Friday that Canadian airports have not yet been able to screen all travelers from countries other than the United States.

Firestone predicts that there will be chaos at airports when people return to Canada. Shall we take each passenger to a hall of 1,000 people? Can we leave them on the plane until the terminal is empty? Should we test them at home?

… and destination controls

Travelers should also be aware of the requirements in other countries. Therefore, you must be reported negative for a rapid antigenic test (PCR) on the same day or the day before your departure to travel to the United States.

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In Canada, all travelers staying in the country or outside the United States for the past 72 hours must provide proof of a negative result in the molecular test for Covit-19. If they can not, they should go for isolation.

However, if staying less than 72 hours, adequately vaccinated travelers do not need to be tested. Employees working in essential services and transnational communities are exempt.

John McKenna, CEO of the Air Transport Association of Canada, lamented that this was a very complete mess. The Minister of Transport was asked for information but did not receive an answer.

As thousands of Canadians cancel their trips, McKenna calls on the federal government to better inform its direction. For example, the Canadian government website, unlike US officials, does not rank countries according to the risk of spreading the virus.

Act with extra caution

Minister Douglas said Friday that passengers should expect delays at airports. He added that the situation could worsen.

If you plan to travel, Omicron is a serious awareness call, a real cause for concern for them. The journey can be uncertain and dangerous.

The government does not recommend avoiding non-essential flights overseas until October 21, but warns Canadians Be more careful.

Everyone is angry, McKenna said. We are not saying that the government did not take the situation seriously. We say that the government should better organize itself and communicate better.

As of November 30, when the new airport operations were announced, Canadian airports combined had successfully completed approximately 11,000 drug trials a day. As of December 9, that number had increased to 17,000 trials a day, an increase of about 50%.

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For Montreal Airport alone, the number of 2,128 checks per day increased to 3,033 during the same period.

He said Canadian airports should conduct about 23,000 checks a day on all passengers arriving from countries other than the United States. Douglos said.

As the holiday season approaches, the federal government wants to send millions of quick checks to the provinces and territories that request them.

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