Disappeared 33 years after the solution was found?

The disappearance of a man in June 1988 from his home in Laval without any sign of life to his five children and his wife may have had an effect in Ohio.

Stéphane Luce, a private investigator who runs the Meurtres et Disparitions Irrésolus website in Quebec, at least believes that.

The person has been missing since June 14, 1988.

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The person has been missing since June 14, 1988.

Family assistants are waiting for a DNA test to confirm the identity of Robert St. Louis, who died on November 18 in Toledo, Ohio, and was named Bob Saint-Louis.

The family, who want to wait for the results of the DNA test before revealing themselves, received a report a few months ago from an American lawyer who asked for more information about the disappearance of Robert St. Louis.

In March 2021, this attorney finally contacted Natalie St.-Louis via video conference, who was with an elderly man named Bob St.-Louis.

The man who was with the lawyer was confused and said he had Alzheimer’s.Me St. Louis, but his vision reminded him of his father. Other elements matched Robert St. Louis, including the name of the elderly grandmother Anna.

Bob St.-Louis, a traveler, died Nov. 18 in Toldo, Ohio.

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Bob St.-Louis, a traveler, died Nov. 18 in Toldo, Ohio.

Except that months have passed without the matter developing, especially due to difficulties related to the epidemic. A DNA test was to be conducted to confirm the connection between Natalie and Bob Saint-Louis de Toledo, but nothing happened until the old man died on November 18th.

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Robert St.-Louis, owner of a fur business that closed in 1987, faced a difficult period in the spring of 1988. On the night of June 14, he left his home in Laval and left the keys in the vehicle. Car wallet in hand.

The vehicle in question, the brown Cherokee, was not found, but in November 1988, a bank employee in Laval says he saw Robert St.-Louis when a person involved in the search notice came to inquire about personal debt.

Other clues, including anonymous calls to the residence, led Laval Police in support of the voluntary departure study.

St. Louis’ brother-in-law also says he saw him in 1990, but no clue has been collected since that date.

Due to the delay, Stephanie took the DNA sample from the Toledo man’s remains on behalf of the Loose family and had the final word on file.

“What we do is tantamount to a patriarchal test,” Loose explains.

He hopes to get the final results within a week, but he already believes he has enough information to believe that there is a connection between the man from Toledo and Robert St.-Louis.

“I firmly believe the results will be positive,” he said. Loose predicted.

Laval police, who have been investigating the disappearance of St. Louis since 1988, are aware of the action being taken in Ohio and say they are working with intermediaries.

“However, nothing in the file is currently confirmed,” Laval police said.

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