Cronby: Was a mayor rejected by his CIUSSS?

The day after the city mayor opened the intensive care unit of Cronby Hospital, which was done without Pascal Bonnie, the concerned chancellor wanted to correct the facts.

Franுவாois Bonnardel, Cronby’s minister and vice-president, confirms that Pascal Bonn’s confirms that the lack of space due to COVID-19 is the only cause of the unrest, and that the city has been invited to attend the announcement, in support of which his absence was planned and desired.

In an e-mail he agreed to share with TVA Novellas, Granby City Director General Michael Pinalt told him: “In response to the report aired on TVA, you are harassing them, and the CIUSSS communications office says you will not report CHG de Cronby. Should be called during future announcements surrounding. CIUSSS is about to open a new intensive care unit. ”

This email was sent on June 16, two days after Pascal Bonn’s interview with Anne Profontin, two days after criticizing the administration of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS and the DPJ de l’Estrie, in another story about child abuse in Gronby.

“People need to know the truth, they need to know what a mayor is expressing when he dares to speak,” Pascal Bonn agreed.

“I am going out today because when I see a minister who is satisfied with these decisions, I have the right to question myself about all the actions or inaction in Cronby. For example, the many deaths committed by Govt at CSSLD Villa-Bonhour. Or are we talking about all these DYP stories that came to light from the death of the martyred girl. ”

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The mayor issued a formal announcement by CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS

Pascal Bonin is used to review CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS.

On September 30, CIUSSS Board of Directors Chairman Jack Fordier sent him a formal notice asking him to stop making defamatory remarks against CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS Director General Stephen Tremblay.

Granby Mayor shared it with us. It reads: “Your public accusations that Dr. Stephen Tremble is a liar and incompetent are serious allegations that call into question his credibility and expertise, damage his reputation and have a character. Defamation (…)

This marks the journey of Miss Pascal Bonnie, who has been demanding a COVID-19 screening center in Gronby for months.

“When this formal notification was sent to me, a second wave of epidemics had started and ten people were dying in my area. Yes, he was lying, instead of saying he was incompetent he could tell that he was not telling the truth and that he was not using his knowledge and skills in this area,” he said. But in the end it doesn’t change anything. We have no access hospital, except when it’s over. ”

Pascal Bonnie admits that this formal announcement shook him and frightened him. For several months, he confined his comments to Estri health officials. Until this new case of DBJ 2 weeks ago.

“I think it’s special to fight against the machine that heals you, but it makes you sick.”

Granby Mayor wants to protect the interests of his citizens until he retires from municipal life in November.

TVA Novellas has requested an interview with Franசois Bonnardel and the Director General of CIUSSS DL Estre- sus Stephen Tremble. They both didn’t want to give an interview.

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