April 15, 2024

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Grande Alley: Young women were assaulted and drugged while leaving a bar

Two young women from Quebec were allegedly sexually abused when they left a bar in Grande Alley because they were mentally intoxicated. Newspaper.

According to information obtained by NewspaperThe scandal is said to have taken place at two different times last summer.

One of the victims was reportedly hit by a taxi or Uber driver on July 31. In a call for awareness posted on Instagram, the young woman claims to have completely lost the card after drinking from a jug of alcohol served by strangers at a bar.

In confusion, she would have gone outside to take a taxi, she wrote. The car being in a mess, it would have happened in the front. According to her vague recollection, the driver offered her alcohol, which she accepted. After driving for a while, the individual would have stopped and taken action.

The young woman would have regained consciousness the next day. She woke up naked in the back seat of a car, her body in pain and bruised. Joined NewspaperThe victim’s mother confirmed that her daughter would meet with Quebec police on Wednesday in connection with the case.

Wave of poison

Several sources are involved Newspaper Over the past few days to report episodes of GHB addiction in bars in Quebec, mainly overseas.

In an email sent Wednesday, the operations director said he was “aware” of the situation and would work “in close collaboration with authorities to prevent this problem.”

“Make sure we do not take this situation lightly and intend to end it soon,” Martin Leklerk declared.

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For its part, CHU de Quebec confirms that in the past three weeks, at least three people have been hospitalized in Saint-Franą®šois d’Asis alone, following GHB poisoning.

Spokesman Brian Colinas, however, was unable to draw a portrait of the entire situation in other emergencies in the network since Wednesday summer.

The investigation is ongoing

Quebec police confirm investigation, but refuse to comment Newspaper.

“SPVQ is currently reporting spontaneous or involuntary drug cases in its territory, including some unwanted locations. We are investigating two sexual assault cases related to drug cases,” explains spokeswoman Sandra Dion.

What is a “date rape drug”?

  • GHB is called the “date rape drug” because its anesthetic effects prevent it from resisting sexual violence.
  • GHB is mainly found in liquid form, odorless and colorless, so it is very difficult to detect.
  • The most common method of ingesting GHB is to place it in a glass of alcohol.
  • The effects of GHB usually begin 5 to 30 minutes after consumption.
  • GHB is very difficult to detect because it only stays in the body for a few hours.

* Source: Health Canada

Precautionary advice

  • Always keep an alcohol glass or a glaze in your hand.
  • Never accept drinks offered by foreigners.
  • Anyone who has been the victim of sexual abuse or accidental addiction can contact 911. Any relevant information may be confidentially sent to 641-AGIR.

* Source: Quebec City Police