Cronby woman’s mother – in – law trial | Initiation of defense petitions

The Cronby woman’s mother – in – law’s lawyer is trying to convince the jury that she was not guilty of premeditated murder and forcible imprisonment of her client.

Emily Piloto

Emily Piloto

“The government has not been able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that duct tape was attached to cover the victim’s nose and mouth,” he said.e Alexandre Bron, at the start of his appeal on Monday morning.

“You have to ask yourself questions about these aspects: where was the ribbon pasted? When was it pasted? By whom? Why was it pasted?”, He acknowledged that some of the decisions made by the accused led to “sad” and “regrettable” conclusions.

The 38-year-old defendant testified during the morning of April 29, 2019, that the victim added “a dozen turns” of duct tape to the victim while she was already wrapped in sticky paper. However he refused to cover himself. Nose and mouth.

The lawyer argues that the seven-year-old boy died of hyperthermia because his body could no longer properly expel its heat in multiple layers of duct tape. She too may have died of mechanical suffocation because she could not train her breathing movements under very tight control. Pathology consultant Annie Chavezio, who was called to testify by the defense, made these two decisions.

To support his dissertation, Ms.e Biron is reviewing each of the 24 testimonies heard by the arbitral tribunal over the past eight weeks (21 for the Crown, three for the defense). He pointed out that all of the first responders noticed that the victim’s room had an unusually high temperature.

Agent Noel talks about the signs found on the body [la victime], Thighs, abdomen, hips, forearms. He talks about brief skin [la victime] Was coming out of the shower. He did not notice any sign of this nature on his face, however he had the opportunity to see it better and closer, ”he added. The police officer actually carried out life-saving maneuvers on the little girl.

The integrity of the crime scene

In the morning, me Brown also insisted on polluting the crime scene. He explained that the pile of duct tape, which the child had rolled up and described as a “shell” by some witnesses, moved three times during the intervention of the first respondent.

The cluster was first found on the floor of the little girl’s bedroom. Policewoman Linda Harbin looked at the clusters in the hallway and pushed it back into the bedroom. Criminal technicians then discovered duct tape in the hallway. “In preparation for the trial, we called it the Magic Tape,” he saide Byron.

“Constable Harbin, although he trained as a police officer, touched a lot of things in this house. She touched a lamp, the TV cabinet in the bedroom [la victime] With his bare hands, to the pile of duct tape with his boot. Of all these, I think this last element is the most worrying, ”the lawyer said.

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The defensive argument continues Monday afternoon.

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