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Death in his hands after a bicycle accident: An Estrian cries from the heart

Death in his hands after a bicycle accident: An Estrian cries from the heart

An Estrie woman is crying out for better coexistence on the province’s roads after watching her wife die in her arms following a bicycle crash with a van last weekend.

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“The road, it was shared, was dropped in the interview Register Joel Levesque. Driving is not a right, it is a privilege. Our leadership is also a weapon.

At around 6pm on Sunday, his wife Eric Allaire was riding her electric bike on route 263 in the municipality of Saint-Sebastien, on her way home from spending time with friends.

The 53-year-old was hit by a black pickup truck carrying a trailer.

Violent Conflict Mr. happened in front of Allaire’s house, alerting Joëlle Levesque, who was inside the residence.

“I heard a noise. I took off my shoes […] I didn’t think it was my boyfriend who was there. “I knew something had happened, but what, I didn’t know,” says Levesque.


In the next few minutes, the 58-year-old quickly realized the gravity of the situation.

“We are [allait] Start maneuvering [de réanimation]. It was too late. He died in my arms, Eric Allaire recalled, “so mad.”

“It’s a relief that we didn’t send him to the hospital in uncertainty,” continues the man, who had celebrated his birthday the day before the accident, in a soft voice.

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The exact circumstances of the conflict are currently unknown. An autopsy on the victim is to be performed, while expertise is pending on the vehicle or vehicles involved, he said Tuesday. Register Sûreté du Québec.

Eric Allaire and Joel Levesque.

Photo courtesy of Joel Levesque

The couple got a little lucky two years ago. He survived a horrific road accident.

If the deceased was forced to retire, his wife would have been in a coma for two days.

“You never know when a ton of bricks is going to fall on your head,” says Joel Levesque.

Electric interest

Although he is a “tank boy”, Levesque, Eric Allaire developed a strong interest in modern transportation.

The couple bought electric bikes this winter, after getting their hands on electric scooters last year, Mr. Including Allaire’s eventual death.

Eric Allaire

The couple bought a scooter before buying a bicycle.

Photo courtesy of Joel Levesque

Eric Allaire

Eric Allaire loved using his electric bike day in and day out, says his wife, Joelle Levesque.

Photo courtesy of Joel Levesque

“He loved his bike. He took it every day. It became a passion for him,” argues Joel Levesque.

“We don’t convince motorists that they are not the masters of the road,” he sums up.

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