Deer slaughter in Longueuil: A meeting will be held on Tuesday

As a new demonstration against deer slaughter was taking place in Michel-Chartrand Park in Langue on Sunday, attorney Me Anne-France Goldwater announced that a virtual meeting between deer conservationists and Mayor Catherine Bornier would take place on Tuesday.

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More than sixty protesters at the rally welcomed the news with some relief.

May Goldwater attends a virtual meeting, hoping to see the mayor change his mind in Langue.

“Instead of throwing $ 325,000 in the trash, taxpayers have other options that cost nothing,” the attorney announced in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

“If we kill 65 deer this year, we will have to repeat the exercise every year because the herd size will continue to grow and we will turn this park into a slaughterhouse,” he added.

In addition, Catherine Fournier told TVA Novellas that there was no date for the slaughter of the deer, but that it should take place by the end of February.

To see the full description, watch the video above.

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