April 15, 2024

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Intensified Mathematician | Press

His former university professors describe him as a very bright, polite and handsome student. But when he waved his megaphone in front of schools to urge students not to be vaccinated, or live on Facebook calling politicians “Nazis”, Franுவாois Amaleka Pidonto becomes another man.

Tristan Poloquin

Tristan Poloquin

The anti-vaccine activist resigned as professor of mathematics at the college Jean-de-Probiot last February — by refusing to wear a mask — admitting that he had “lost everything” in the fight against health measures. “I am ready to go to jail for my beliefs,” he said. I would rather be between four walls than imprison my conscience by cooperating with a lie. ”

The 43-year-old arithmetic geologist, who began his doctoral studies at the University of Montreal after emigrating from Cameroon, has collected more than $ 35,000 in tickets for refusing to comply with health orders since the onset of the epidemic. In July, he spent a night in jail after protesting for two days in a row at a large box store in Joliet, where he refused to leave campus without being arrested by police and cursed staff without a mask. His action earned him a total of four things for disturbing the peace and refusing to comply with the promises of liberation.

Before the courts, he pleaded not guilty and defended himself without a lawyer to challenge his tickets, and he has only one goal: to have Horacio Arruda, the national director of public health, testify as his only witness. “It all starts with Aruda. He acknowledges that there is no scientific evidence that the mask protects against COVID-19 and that the curfew order is an act of war, but he equates these two measures. He failed in every way,” says Franுவாois Amaleca. .

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The driving force was his study of numbers

Since he started creating “live” videos on Facebook in January, he has quickly become one of the most influential leaders in anti-health activities. He was constantly surrounded by a small number of supporters, many of whom did not hide their support for the conspiracy ideas. But Franோois Amaleka wants to reduce the debate to a serious matter of numbers. He emphasizes that the average age of death from Govt-19 in Quebec is 84 years. I do not deny the fact that there are people who die from Govt-19! I do not agree. But I believe that the measures implemented by the government are unnecessary and destroy our social structure. I want to finish this, ”he said.

According to him, the government could easily create new temporary hospitals to treat Govt-19 patients. “There is no shortage of medical personnel,” he balances, dismissing the hand wave that many service disruptions could affect the health care system. According to Franுவாois Amaleka, the government is creating shortages by preventing unvaccinated staff from working in hospitals. Vaccination will be mandatory for health workers from October 15.

Last week, as Joliet waited for more than seven hours in front of the court after refusing to wear a mask to appear for trial as part of his criminal investigation, he made a video of himself calling some of them. 14,000 Facebook fans flood 911 Call center to protest health measures.

Every year, police forces across the country lament that such false calls are wasting precious resources and delaying truly urgent responses.

Evan Saint-Opin, a professor of mathematics at the University of Montreal, taught him a master’s degree and could not understand how this “very intelligent and utterly beautiful” student could be “intensified”. “I don’t remember him being a student who wanted conflict,” he says.

“For what he asked me, he must have firmly relied on his arguments: did he create a parallel world, or simply if he analyzed the figures differently, was not so much in his eyes as to think that many people would die? Mr. Saint-Opin asks. I can not explain.”

Other former professors and former colleagues who agreed to speak Press On an unnamed condition he was described as a very polite man and a very intelligent man.

Demonstrations in front of schools and accusations of Nazism

Franுவாois Amaleca has no children. When asked if it was normal for him to shout his anti-vaccination argument at a megaphone to children he did not own, he replied that he had the support of many parents. When questioned about the legitimacy of the government to conduct vaccination campaigns, he says, “My message is that government news is more serious than soft.” “The government has snatched away the legitimacy to impose the mask without scientific evidence,” he says.

When it is pointed out to him that legally elected governments impose similar measures everywhere on the planet, he brings it back to Nazism. “Hitler also came to that place democratically,” he argues. Earlier this summer, he went so far as to wear on his sweater the iconic yellow stars of David, which had been forcibly imposed on Jews under Nazi Germany.

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In front of Montreal-North High School, many students were stunned by the live broadcast of his words on Facebook at noon on Tuesday. “This man is filming us without our permission. He does not realize that this is not normal,” said Mouna, a 14-year-old student who wanted to report the incident to her parents.