April 15, 2024

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With $ 77 billion in purchases and repairs, federal ships are expensive

$ 77 billion for 15 ships: The bill size for our new warships is in line with Canada’s choice.



In safety

3. Warships

“Because the Canadian army is small, we try to buy sea bases that do everything, these are expensive ships,” said Jean-Christophe Boucher, a professor at the University of Calgary.

Highly armed, New Canadian surface fighters should not be allowed to impose themselves on the seas of the globe, as their official name implies.

Very versatile, they will perform a wide range of tasks, so it is suitable for defense and air attack, naval and submarine, coast patrol.


What is a warship?

Future Canadian ships are considered warships, i.e. medium-sized warships. In the days of the Sailing Navy, these were small, fast attack ships. By the end of the 20th century, warships had evolved into a missile base. Today, they are designed for multi-role missions such as the Canadian Navy with missile, anti-submarine and coastal patrol capabilities.

The cost per copy

$ 5.1 billion


  • 5 types of missiles: anti-ship, anti-ship and anti-aircraft short, medium and long range
  • 2 anti-aircraft guns at fast speeds
  • 1 5 inch naval gun
  • 6 .50 caliber machine guns
  • Submarine resistant torpedoes

On-board equipment

  • 1 CH-148 Hurricane Heavy Helicopter
  • Drones (types to be defined)
  • 2 multi-role boats with 9 to 12 meters
  • 1 rescue boat 9 meters long

Detection methods

  • The SPY-7 is the latest generation long-range radar
  • Fire control radar
  • Navigation radars

Maximum speed

27 knots (50 km / h)

Range of action

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7,000 nautical miles (13,000 km)


7800 tons


204 people


1 Rolls Royce gas turbine and 4 diesel generators

Photo courtoisie BAE Systems
The construction of 15 sophisticated warships was the ambitious project of the Canadian Navy after World War II.

The new warships are based on the British model Type 26 Global Combat Ship. The Australian Navy also selected him. However, no such ship has sailed yet.

According to a Canadian parliamentary budget official, the project will cost $ 77 billion, while Ottawa is estimated to be worth $ 56 billion to $ 60 billion.

In Canada, Irving Shipyards won the prize pool with British builder BAE and Lockheed Martin.

“In addition, Professor Boucher continues, Canada really does not excel at building boats. Our shipyards are not globally competitive.

Conclusion: “In fact, these agreements are regional economic development projects,” he says.

Retired Lieutenant-Colonel Remy Laundry, a professor at Sherbrook University, also recalled that the bill for military equipment was rising exponentially. “This is expensive technology,” he says.

In addition, in Canada, the military procurement process is, in his opinion, complex and, above all, lengthy, which greatly delays decisions. “This postponement is also expensive.”

Mr Blair called on the Canadian Navy to comply. Laundry noted. It is required to patrol three seas and participate in international naval operations.

“Sovereignty does not necessarily mean having militant capability, but rather ensuring that we value what we own. It requires a minimally equipped navy.”

In 2017, China launched 17 new ships in a single year and has a fleet of 540 ships (28 in Canada).

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Canadian forces called in to explain the high cost of new warships, comparing the conditions of the project to what is being done elsewhere in the world.

“The cost and timeline for a Canadian surface war plan is consistent with other similar shipbuilding plans, considering the scope and full capabilities of the plans,” the e-mail said.

Davey de Lewis shipyard.

Stevens LeBlanc / Journal de Quebec

Davey de Lewis shipyard.

Before believing that Sandier Davy will reap some of the immense benefits of the new warship program, it must take an important step.

Must be approved by Ottawa as an accredited yard for the National Shipbuilding Strategy. Currently, there are only the Irving Shipyard in Halifax (where warships are to be built) and the Seaban in Vancouver.

But this is almost certainly the case for the Lewis shipyard near Quebec. The federal government has agreed to qualify Davy in advance and is due to announce its decision in the coming months.

“We continue to work with the Government of Canada to finalize our participation (in the national strategy),” said Marcel Paulin, a spokeswoman for the company.

La Davy originally wanted to take part in the construction of the new Canadian Coast Guard’s icebreakers.

Last May, Ottawa announced that Dave had been awarded a contract for one of two icebreakers for Arctic patrol missions, subject to certification for National Strategy.

The cost of these ships is expected to exceed $ 1.3 billion and create 1,200 Davy jobs.

I have to say that Davey’s order book is currently well filled. Site workers are working to complete the final repair work on three used icebreakers purchased by Norway from Canada in 2018. We are also preparing the NM Jean Lapierre boat construction to be used in the Magdalen Islands from 2027. .

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La Davy will deal with the construction of six more icebreakers for the Coast Guard, which is a conditional agreement on the recognition of the national strategy.

“La Davie is committed to coordinating the national shipbuilding strategy to build Canada’s future icebreaker fleet in Quebec,” he said. Poulin said.

The ship will have the opportunity to claim its share of the bag to build new warships and, due to its size, will last for many years.