April 16, 2024

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Denise Coderrey | In 2012, a police officer accused him of sending a criminal report

Agent Nancy Cognon has been indicted by the Commissioner of Police Ethics for sending a 2012 criminal report to the Police Association that she gave to Denise Koder.

Released last night at 10:16.

Alice Girard-Bose

Alice Girard-Bose

According to the Commissioner of Police Ethics, can Officer Nancy Cognon read the verdict dated December 30 by sending a criminal report stating that she “did not act with the confidence and consideration necessary for her operation”?

On March 20, 2012, Constable Cognon, a police officer since May 1996, filed a criminal complaint with Denise Godrej for failing to pay duties and fees to the Society de Automobile du Quebec.

In late 2014, she received a call from a member of the Montreal Police Fraternity asking for a copy of the crime report.

Considering the fraternity an accessible document she gave it to him. “She believed her union was not suitable for her, and it might embarrass her,” the verdict said.

On December 17, 2014, Journalist Press Patrick Lagace has a copy of the criminal report.

The Commissioner of Police Ethics considers that Officer Cognon should have verified the purpose of this document.

“Despite his good faith, [Nancy Gagnon] By sending the criminal report without verifying the purpose for which this document was created, he admits that he did not act in a way that would give him the confidence and consideration necessary for his position. ⁇

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